PLASTIC 1At Engineered Case Manufacturers we know that there are products or situations that make laminate cases inappropriate. A perfect example is the sales professional who needs to transport digital projection equipment. Transit cases for this type of equipment must meet a variety of criteria: They must provide exceptional protection, they must be lightweight and easy to transport by hand, and they must be attractive to the eye. Besides being costly, OEM soft sided cases give inadequate protection. Laminate cases tend to be heavy. That's why we offer two of the finest lines of plastic cases available on the market today: Cases from Platt Luggage Company in a wide range of sizes and styles. Features can include integral casters and collapsible handles for ease of transport. All Platt cases give you robust construction with the lightest possible shell weight. Cases that conform to ATA Specification 300 are available from both manufacturers. Custom sizes are also available. Ask us about Platt cases.

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