00206Engineered Case Manufacturers Inc. addresses the needs of businesses and individuals who are not satisfied with OEM and commercial offerings available through stock channels. Using a combination of Autocad and other proprietary software, coupled with the knowledge gained from building thousands of cases, we offer custom fabricated cases that are tailored to your specific requirements.

While other companies may offer only one case material, Engineered Case Manufacturers offers you a choice of plywood laminated with aluminum or ABS, TIG welded rigidized aluminum or injection molded plastic. An incredible array of stock and custom components and other hardware gives us the ability to design cases to suit your equipment, your particular shipping requirements and your budget.

Transit cases, storage cases, EIA rack mount cases, tool and briefcases, work trunks, computer system cases, lighting, motor and other touring cases; nobody offers you more choices than Engineered Case Manufacturers.

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Who is ECM?
ECM was founded by a local musician over 12 years ago. This particular craftsman was unhappy with the design and quality of product offered in the marketplace at the time. He knew that he could do a better job. Having been on the road, he was aware of the needs of his peers and started making cases in his garage for other musicians. Today, ECM employs approximately 20 people in a 10,000 square foot facility, and manufactures approximately 6000 cases each year.

How is ECM different from other case manufacturers?
From the very beginning, ECM's primary goal has been to provide custom cases that equaled or surpassed other manufacturers products. To this end, we have taken a different approach to manufacturing. While others look for ways to cut costs (usually by cutting corners), we've maintained more costly methods of construction. Why? Because most of these cost cutting exercises are designed to fatten the bottom line, not produce better cases. We want to build the best case possible.

We test and evaluate, test and evaluate. When that's done, we test and evaluate some more. We build prototypes, both for our customers and for ourselves. It's a costly exercise, but the knowledge gained goes a long way to providing you with a superior product.

Sure, you can buy a cheaper case from some of the other manufacturers out there. But what do you give up if it doesn't do the job and your equipment or product arrives at its destination damaged? Your reputation? Your good name? Future business with that customer? Professionals understand that money saved on packaging and protection is of little consequence when these other considerations are factored into the Price / Value equation. Sometimes a cheaper price isn't a better deal.

What type of cases does ECM manufacture?
To list all of the different case types that we manufacture would take more space than we have available. Suffice it to say that if it can be cased, we can build it for you. Cases for scientific instruments, sound, lighting and musical equipment, rack mount equipment, tools, supplies, trade show exhibits, automotive components, AV equipment, sales samples, literature, the list is virtually endless. E-mail or call us with your requirements.

What material does ECM use to manufacture cases?
ECM manufactures cases using plywood laminated with ABS, fiberglass and aluminum. We offer a TIG welded rigidized aluminum material in a variety of weights, and we distribute injection molded plastic cases from both Platt Luggage Company and SKB.

What makes ECM's laminate cases different?
Although ECM offers a variety of case materials, laminate cases are the bulk of our business. To start with, the various laminates that we offer give you tremendous flexibility in designing your cases. We offer a choice of thicknesses, from 1/8" up to 1/2". We offer a wide range of colours, plus a choice of aluminum, fiberglass and ABS laminates. (For a more thorough discussion, see the Laminate Cases page.)

We don't compromise quality. Our laminates are produced using plywood substrates. Some companies use a thin sheet of ABS or fiberglass glued to a sheet of corroplast (corrugated plastic material usually used for light weight signs)!!! This is a perfect example of: "What the customers don't know, will hurt them". Our fiberglass laminate is different. Instead of gluing a thin sheet of fiberglass to a plywood substrate, our fiberglass is wet-sprayed directly onto the plywood. This results in better adhesion and less likelihood of de-lamination.

We use "POP" rivets, not cheaper, inferior, semi-tubular or dome rivets. We have our own aluminum extrusions made, which are stronger and offer more rigidity than the "off the shelf" extrusions used by virtually every other case manufacturer. We rivet our extrusions to our cases, we don't use the cheaper method of staples and/or glue. We produce custom designed interiors, not the more common (but less effective) simple foam linings.

Which material is best for me?
This is a question that has many answers. Your particular requirements will determine which materials are right for you. ABS laminate is a good choice for most applications. Various thicknesses are available, from 1/8" to 1/2". A choice of colours allows you to maintain uniform corporate identification. If more robust service is required, fiberglass or aluminum laminate may be right for you. If light weight is the most important criterion, then rigidized aluminum or injection molded plastic would be the preferred choice. Because we offer more material choices than anyone else in Canada, we can always deliver a product that's right for you.

What about case hardware?
We generally recommend that our clients use recessed hardware on their cases. Sometimes, this is not possible or even desirable. That's why we have access to a huge variety of hardware from a large number of suppliers. We even have the ability to custom fabricate parts for unusual needs.

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